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Cat vs Human

I recently came across Cat vs Human, an adorable blog of comic strip creations by Yasmine Surovec. I can be somewhat amusing (so I’ve been told) and I adore kitties (who in their right mind doesn’t?), so naturally I find Yasmine’s sense of humor and love of furry felines to be marvelous.

From the About section of Yasmine’s blog:
My name is Yasmine.

I draw stuff for a living.

I like cats. I like a certain boy.

I’ve been told that I’m socially inept and that I have the personality of a blank piece of paper. Thank god for the internet.

At least my parents think I’m special. It says in the birthday card they sent me several years ago. It had a picture of a Persian cat with a pointy party hat, with the words “You’re Special” printed in glitter.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Someone other than my parents has to.

See! Anyway, check out more of Yasmine’s blog at the above link. I’d go play with my cat now, but he’s asleep. Shocker.

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4 thoughts on “Cat vs Human

  1. aw, thanks hun. bookmarked your blog šŸ˜‰

  2. Steve on said:

    I loved this. It made me smile and even laugh. It also made me feel a bit guilty for being tough on the cat who owns me-Simba. I will apologize to him when I get back.
    He will most likely respond by:
    A. Ignoring me
    B. Making burr burr sounds and rubbing hair off on my pant leg
    C. Falling asleep
    I love him anyway.

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