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Low-Cost Container Home

Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta enlisted architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe to build a comfortable home for them on their Costa Rican property – without breaking the bank. Two 40′ shipping containers, $40,000 USD, and a bit of imagination later, and the couple is now enjoying debt-free living in their new home.

About its construction and the end result, Inhabitat’s Bridgette Meinhold writes:
Two 40′ containers were trucked in and installed on pier foundations slightly set apart to create a wider cross section. The containers were pulled apart to create larger window sections and great views of both the east and the west. Large holes were cut from the sides to install glass and aluminum framed windows. Scraps taken from the sides of the container were used as roofing on the raised center and the walls were insulated with industrial grade insulation. New wood floors were installed over the containers and the newly created middle section. The raised center provides natural daylighting and a wind tower effect encouraging natural ventilation, which works so well that they never have to turn on their AC.

Via Inhabitat.

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One thought on “Low-Cost Container Home

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    I really like this…the idea of this. I love the idea of living simply and without a home debt. I love it enough to want it to come true as soon as..and if ever… the housing market gets well enough to sell the one I am currently paying for the rest of my life to “live” in!
    This seems to be a much better solution.

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