The Rayograph

Multiple Exposures

French photographer Edouardo Mortec focuses on the streets and cafes of Paris in his latest series. Seeking to capture the essence of the bustling crowds and energy of the streets, Mortec chose to work with multiple exposures.

Says Mortec:
Initially there was something disturbing looking at the crowd, it was echoing something dark and fuzzy. I realized those masses of people could represent, in a manner, the multiple energy trapped in me and, at the same time, I could see myself in each individual lost in his mind and the flow of the urban life.

Via Flavorwire.

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3 thoughts on “Multiple Exposures

  1. my0wnrealm on said:

    thats incredible! it almost looks like its rewinding into the past!

  2. Steve Ramirez on said:

    I see ghosts.
    I see faces from the past, trapped or lost in time.
    It’s as if they are reflections of humanity and of our individual insignificance and impermanence.

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