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Artistic Displays at Anthropologie

Anthropologie has to be one of my favorite stores. That said, er, I’ve rarely bought anything there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they make some fine clothing – but those prices? I’ve always been more of a quirky thrift shop kind of girl. So why do I love Anthropologie, really?

It’s all about the display designs. Whoever dreams up these displays – with their novel use of recycled materials, as well as their stiching together of vibrant colors and interesting textures – well, props to them. That’s why I’m glad Plenty of Colour recently featured the store’s display designers and some of their fabulous creations.

Via Plenty of Colour.

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One thought on “Artistic Displays at Anthropologie

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    This is “Groovy.’
    I am most likely one of the only former Marines in the world who loves going into Anthropology just to see the wonderful artistic creations within….then again maybe not because we devil dogs are actually a well traveled, well read, eclectic tribe.
    I love this post and I love the commentary. Very…groovy. 

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