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“Brightly Colored Consumerist Hell”

Flavorwire’s Judy Berman says it well:
Consumerist culture is pretty freaking weird. That’s easy to forget, since we live in the thick of it, but photographer Brian Ulrich reminds us with the three projects that comprise his Copia series, which explores different aspects of our mania for shopping.

Ulrich’s latest project, Retail, shows us the – as Berman puts it – “brightly colored consumerist hell” in which we live, at once unwittingly and willingly.

Continues Berman:
The spoils of consumerism are on full display here: We see a small, glassy-eyed child adrift in a Disney-fied paradise, an adult receiving a full-body machine massage in the middle of a mall, a bride-to-be looking bored as she browses racks of wedding gowns. A few shots from grocery stores may be the most haunting — one is simply case after desolate freezer case of OreIda microwave potato products, while an image of spilled milk pooling on the floor in front of a giant Faygo display fills us with unspeakable dread.

What brightly hued, incandescent circle of hell is this?
Pardon, that hat is only $10? You sell food here too? Well, that’ll save me a trip to the grocery store.

Via Flavorwire.

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2 thoughts on ““Brightly Colored Consumerist Hell”

  1. I’ve been avoiding the consumer lifestyle as much as I can lately, at least in its corporate incarnations. Who knew you could find redemption in a hotel (casino?) lobby? 😉

    Those guns are scary.

  2. Steve Ramirez on said:

    The guns don’t bother me…the carpeting is scary.
    What were they thinking!

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