The Rayograph

“From the Solid to the Aeriform”

Italian street artist Moneyless created these intriguing minimalist works in natural spaces and abandoned structures. I think the spaces and installations compliment each other nicely.

From a somewhat-cryptic statement by Moneyless made at Graffuturism:
A transition from the solid to the aeriform, the same that affects Moneyless’ floating and volatile graffiti.
In this coming into being and dissolution, in this alluring tension to reach the marrow of life Moneyless’ floating graffiti are the result of a transition from the solid to the aeriform. Here resides the fascination of Moneyless’ research and his artistic wandering/wondering back into the woods. A process to cleanse and reach purity. An attempt to distillate the essence of our ephemeral existence.

More of Moneyless’ flying graffiti here.
Via Graffuturism.

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2 thoughts on ““From the Solid to the Aeriform”

  1. Cool shapes, tkz

  2. Steve Ramirez on said:

    The geometry is intriguing…the artist’s narrative….leaves me wondering…”huh?”

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