The Rayograph

Double Take

Flavorwire’s Judy Berman writes:
In this age of Photoshop and other tools of digital manipulation, it’s easy to cut and paste and blend elements of several photos into a seamless whole. What makes Dan Mountford‘s dreamy double exposures so impressive is that he does all of the hard work — combining two very different images into one startlingly complete picture — in camera, resorting to digital tools only when he needs to change tones, remove spots, or add lines. The gently, pleasingly surreal results include a forest projected onto a Buddha sculpture, an eye peaking out between the fingers of a hand, and a woman crowned with the singular buildings of Brighton’s Royal Pavilion.

If what is claimed is true – that is, that these photographs are indeed only minimally manipulated – then I am royally pleased. I should like to believe that we are capable of such creative creations without much, if any, post-production shopping.

Via Flavorwire.

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One thought on “Double Take

  1. Cool…and a little disturbing.

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