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Design That is Large and in Charge

Members of the 1% take note: just because you are rolling in moolah, laughing maniacally (that’s what wealthy people do, right?) doesn’t mean you have to have unfortunate design tastes. Gold-and-marble-filled McMansions? Tacky. Louis Vuitton tote bags? Ugly. Alexander McQueen couture? Um, are you Lady Gaga? Then no.

Here, unidentified rich and famous person, is an example of lovely, sustainable design applied on a wide scale.

Inhabitat’s Bridgette Meinhold writes:
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is known for working diligently to improve lives around the world, but did you know its headquarters is also a paragon of sustainable design? The new campus in downtown Seattle was completed in March of 2011 and yesterday it was awarded with a LEED-NC Platinum Certification, making their 639,860 sq ft campus the largest certified non-profit building in the world. NBBJ led the design team, who equipped the building with 2 acres of living roofs, 1 million gallons of rainwater storage, solar systems and a long list of sustainable design strategies.

Via Inhabitat.

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One thought on “Design That is Large and in Charge

  1. Wow!
    Sort of ice cube like…taking from but not connected to nature…still, Wow!
    Enough said.

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