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Green Home in the Texas Hill Country

Bercy Chen Studio designed the Cascading Creek House, a 12,000-square-foot residence in the Texas Hill Country that – despite its size – manages to keep a low profile by way of modern technology and sustainable building practices.

The house consists of two wings – one private, and the other public – which are lined with locally-sourced limestone. These wings are angled in such a manner as to allow in a significant amount of sunlight, as well as to provide the owners and visitors with a near panoramic view of the grounds.

In addition to great views and plenty of space, the house boasts a water catchment system and solar panels.

Via Design Milk.

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One thought on “Green Home in the Texas Hill Country

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    As someone who lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country I enjoy the idea of the local source of the stone and the low profile of the building. The use of light and water is excellent and I like the concept of private and public separation very much. It is a bit angular for my taste and would look more organic if it the design approach was more fluid. With that said, I like it very much. I love the THC!

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