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Striking Photographs of Snakes

Advertising and fine art photographer Mark Laita captured these striking images of snakes for his recent series “Serpentine.” The colors and patterns stand out against black backdrops, appropriately showing off the beauty of these often misunderstood and feared creatures.

Malayan Coral Snake

Rhinocerus Viper

Philippine Pit Viper

Coral Snake

Emerald Tree Boa with babies

Via Feature Shoot.

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One thought on “Striking Photographs of Snakes

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    This is beautiful and shows a hint of the amazing artistry in nature. Few may notice that the young of the emerald tree boa are red and the adult is green. They are from the Amazon rainforest. Across the globe in what used to be Borneo there lives the emerald tree python -which is also green but the babies are yellow. How cool is that?

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