The Rayograph

Fresh Street Art in Sunny Florida

This year’s Miami Art Basel art show in sunny Florida brought together a diverse group of talented street artists, including some personal favorites like Matt W. Moore and Remi Rough. There were many more, of course – including some I have added to my list of ones to watch. Check out some of these street artists’ new works, as captured by those in-the-know over at the ever-interesting Graffuturism.

Chor Boogie


Poesia and Geso

Matt W. Moore

Remi Rough and LX One

Via Graffuturism.

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One thought on “Fresh Street Art in Sunny Florida

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    I notice that the many street artists that appear on The Rayograph seem to have a proclivity toward bright colors and jagged, edgy design. It’s almost as if the each try to say, “Look at me!” – In their own way.

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