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They Built It, Now Who Will Come?

Within Inner Mongolia, China, lies the planned city of Ordos. Built for the maintenance and comfort of about one million people, Ordos City is replete with luxurious residences and extensive infrastructure – all brand new and government-funded. Now the area boasts a MAD Architects-designed museum that looks as though it would make a stellar set for a sci-fi flick. There is just one small problem with Ordos City, this massive and extravagant urban planning project – nobody can afford to live there. And so, the city of Ordos remains, vacant as the desert’s edge upon which it sits.

This, of course, does not keep us from admiring the area’s most prominent architectural feature, even if we can only be awe-struck from afar. From a distance, the Ordos Museum resembles a massive sand dune, having been sculpted by a harsh wind. Once inside, it seems as though you have been swallowed whole, and there is no way out. It’s all a bit overwhelming really, particularly when viewed through the eyes of a nomad and his horse, electronic music sounding in the background.

Via io9, designboom.

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One thought on “They Built It, Now Who Will Come?

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    Wow. It seems like an insectivorous hive design.
    That bugs me.

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