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Street Artist Makes Billboard Advertisements His Own

French street artist Thom Thom creates unique, eye-catching designs by slicing his way through layers of billboard advertisements. I doubt the advertisers like his work as much as I do. Personally, I’d rather look at interesting designs then adverts for cheese and blue jeans – what are your thoughts?

Via We Heart.

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2 thoughts on “Street Artist Makes Billboard Advertisements His Own

  1. What’s funny is that these probably do get more attention than cheese and blue jeans ads. Those ads we seem to just ignore most of the time. Thom Thom actually makes you stop and look. You would think that more advertisers would do more things outside of the box like this. However, I believe the majority rely on making you feel comfortable and gently reminded about their product or service….yawn…

  2. highdesertblue on said:

    Fascinating. I could sit and stare at this work. Regular advertising rarely gets more than a glance.

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