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Naked Truth

NYC-based, Korean-American artist Miru Kim created this stunning series entitled “Naked City.”

I’ll admit – at first, I wondered to myself, “Why is she naked? Necessary, much?” Having looked through these beautifully-shot photographs, however, I’ll readily say, “Why, yes – I think I understand.” Each image shows the artist naked and alone, exploring all manner of places both sizeable and decaying. We see her crouched in a colorfully rusted turbine that stands, even in its abandonment, many times larger than she or any fellow human being. The naked, human presence in that forgotten place – as well as others like it – has a humanizing effect, I think. It also seems as though the individual has somehow become lost, doomed/destined to wander the relics of a society, of a world that it has helped create – one that is far larger than she. I look through these images and imagine the individual is trying to reconnect with something lost, something personal which the vastness of our mechanized world has helped isolate and take away.

Whatever you believe their story to be, I think you’ll agree that these are beautiful images.

Via Hi-Fructose, Beautiful/Decay.

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One thought on “Naked Truth

  1. Steve Ramirez on said:

    Not only are these images beautiful, stark, stunning, meaningful….but your narrative is in my opinion an artful, reflective journey. Your words act almost as a frame holding the art…illuminating the imagery.

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