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The Land and Its People

Since 2005, French photographer Céline Clanet has been visiting Máze, a small Sámi village in Norwegian Lapland. During her travels, she has carefully documented the land and its inhabitants – human and reindeer alike – and has compiled her captured images in a series named for this place that has provided her with much inspiration.

About her project, the photographer says:
I have photographed Sámi people, houses, land and reindeer that were almost not here today. They barely escaped being flooded by the waters of a hydroelectric dam project that the Norwegian government planned in the early 1970’s and thanks to Sámi people’s protests and resistance was fortunately aborted. But I have also photographed a reality that will undoubtedly transform in the coming century, due to global warming and cultural integration. To me, Máze is an ambivalent symbol of resistance and helplessness.

Via Feature Shoot.

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2 thoughts on “The Land and Its People

  1. love this series of photos

  2. Steve Ramirez on said:

    I love this look into their world. Beautiful.

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