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That Familiar Feeling of Home

In her latest series, Amanda Boe explores the nature of her relationship with her home state of South Dakota and with her present home of California. The series, entitled “What I Hold Dear,” is ongoing.

Of her current work the artist says:
My work depicts an intersection of two worlds: looking back at a place left behind and searching for a sense of place in another. Moving through landscapes and interior spaces, a narrative began to unfold as I retraced my journey thus far. The process of photographing between California and South Dakota allowed me to address the feeling of being distanced yet emotionally attached to a place I once knew so well. What remains within me, and what I hold dear, is an innate longing for the familiar feeling of home.

Via Feature Shoot.

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4 thoughts on “That Familiar Feeling of Home

  1. “…innate longing for the familiar feeling of home.” You’ve captured it so beautifully.

  2. just adore the cat in the window

  3. Wow! Beautiful series 🙂 love this artist’s style and view of her past/present. Thanks for a great post!

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