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Striking Structure Inspired by Natural and Cultural Landscapes

Snøhetta of Oslo, Norway designed this striking structure, the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion located at Hjerkinn near Dovrefjell National Park. The building, which is open to the public, serves as an observation pavilion. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery and free-roaming animals, it’s no wonder the architects drew inspiration from the area’s unique natural and cultural landscape. The lookout’s most unique feature is its winding wooden centerpiece which visitors can use as seating. This feature was made by Norwegian shipbuilders who used digital 3-D models to drive their milling machines, afterwards assembling the whole structure by traditional methods using wooden pegs and pine tar. The interior space, warmed by a suspended fireplace, looks like a comfortable, inviting place of rest when the cold winds howl through glacier-swept valleys.

These gorgeous photographs of the site were taken by Ketil Jacobsen and Die Photo Designer.

Via Arch Daily.

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One thought on “Striking Structure Inspired by Natural and Cultural Landscapes

  1. alice on said:

    Love it. Simply beautiful.

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