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On Cloud 9 at the Cloud House

Australian outfit McBride Charles Ryan has completed the Cloud House, a delightfully remade Edwardian house in Melbourne. While the streetside, historic facade has been left largely unaltered, the rest of the residence has been changed practically beyond recognition. And what a change it is! The new additions are modern and functional, as well as uniquely bold. One has only to glimpse inside at the bright red wood-outlined kitchen to see what I mean. The overall shape of the rear exterior – a curvy, puffy cloud – is remarkably fun as well.

Take a stroll through this funky chic residence, thanks to these shots by photographer John Gollings.

Via Contemporist.

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3 thoughts on “On Cloud 9 at the Cloud House

  1. This is incredibly original

  2. Wow! I love what the human mind can do when put to good use.

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