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{Update} On the Road with The Rayograph (Or, at Least, Its Scribe)

So, here’s the thing. This one here – *indicates self with both thumbs, while putting on a silly facial expression* – is packing up and heading down to South America in just a few more days. Why, you ask? Well, about a month ago, I graduated from Vanderbilt University where I had been studying anthropology with a special side of art history. Since the fall, I’d been flexing my art historical muscles, namely by keeping up (as much as possible) with my little project, The Rayograph, plus writing regularly for the daily blog and tri-annual book series, Beautiful/Decay. Well, sometime between then and now, I was offered an opportunity to, shall we say, bulk up on anthropology, to step into the ring that is archaeological fieldwork and a little museum and archives work too. Let’s do this, I said! So for the next few months I’ll be in Peru, more specifically in Lima, Arequipa, and Cuzco, where I’ll be obsessively purifying my water, noshing coca leaves so as to ease my way to higher altitudes, dodging hungry puma and ticked off llamas…but mostly working hard, gaining new skills and experience, and having a great time in a new place.

So, what’s next here? Well, I ask that you forgive me if posts are a bit fewer and more sporadic for the remainder of the summer. This is simply a necessity due to likely long work hours and patchy communications. I will, however, be sharing trip updates, photographs, and more on our Facebook page, so I hope that you will join us there! Also, I encourage those of you who, like me, love writing to check out and follow Long Grass Review, the literary blog recently set up by my father, a published short story and essay author – and all around swell person, I might add! Finally, if you find yourself yearning for even more creative inspiration, I hope that you’ll find what you’re searching for at these fantastic sites that so often inspire me. Please see below for links!

The Rayograph, on Facebook

Writing: Long Grass Review
Architecture: Dezeen, Contemporist, ArchDaily
Photography: Feature Shoot
Mixed Media: Colossal, My Modern Metropolis

Surreally yours,

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