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Iceland, in Enchanting Images

Striking. Stunning. Enchanting. I dare say no such laudatory descriptor is over-the-top when describing these photographs, aerial shots of Iceland’s fire-and-ice landscape by Andre Ermolaev. Meandering streams flow down the sides of active volcanoes, water tinted yellow by sulfur. The pale yellow water winds and weaves, displacing black volcanic sand as it steadily makes its way to the cold, crashing waves of the sea. The landscapes captured in these photographs convince of the stellar beauty of Earth, as well as that special magic found in this land of fairy tales.

Via My Modern Metropolis.

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3 thoughts on “Iceland, in Enchanting Images

  1. Beautiful photos…Beautiful writing.

  2. wow! i don’t know what to say! these shots are amazing!

  3. Gosh… what colours! What forms! Amazing pics, just amazing!

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