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Pictures Worth a Thousand Gigabytes

As a creativity enthusiast and erstwhile wannabe space explorer, I just love it when art and design meet science and technology. As it happens, Google recently opened up its data centers for a bit of virtual exploration by internet users just like us all around the world. Over at their site called Where The Internet Lives, anyone can see the many Google logo-color coordinated tubes, flashing gizmos, and all types of technological what-not that daily bring us the latest viral cat video or dictionary definition of what ‘is’ is. Now, the daughter-of-a-law-enforcement-official part of me thinks it’s maybe not the best idea to let everyone in the whole wide world take a virtual, yet in-depth stroll around such a facility, but the rest of me says, “Jeepers, this is cool!” Not only is getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the internet pretty nifty, but also these photographs by Connie Zhou are well-worth a look in and of themselves.

Via Colossal.

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One thought on “Pictures Worth a Thousand Gigabytes

  1. Great pictures. Loved all the vibrant colors.

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