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Olivier Grossetête’s Dream-Like, Floating Bridge Installation

French artist Olivier Grossetête has created the marvelous-in-every-way “Pont de Singe” installation, a bridge of rope and wood that floats above a lake in Tatton Park with the help of three large helium balloons. Dream-like, the inventive piece hovers over and touches the picturesque pond, its presence conjured up on account of the historic English estate’s biennial celebration. Visitors can gawk at the artistic creation, but, for safety reasons, they cannot walk on it. The artist has, however, indicated that the structure is theoretically strong enough to hold the weight of a person or two. But the “Pont de Singe” need not be fully functional in order for it to achieve its maker’s intent – that of bringing to life a few of the dreams we have in everyday life.

Photographs are by Wilf and Duncan Hull.

Via Dezeen.

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2 thoughts on “Olivier Grossetête’s Dream-Like, Floating Bridge Installation

  1. wow, how beautiful!!!
    thank you for sharing!

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