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Mark Meyer’s Minimalist Photographs of a Window in All Seasons Remind Us to Be in the Moment

Professional photographer Mark Meyer has led an interesting life, and he has the stunning photographs to prove it. But it wasn’t his aerial snapshots of range land in northern Texas, close-up wildlife photographs from Hawaii, or even his many striking landscapes taken in Alaska that recently caught my eye; rather, Meyer’s simple, minimalistic captures of the constantly changing window pane he wakes up to each morning made me stop and think. After having been born in Singapore to adventuring American parents and escaping Iran in the 1970s, Meyer, his wife, and dog now live in a century-old log cabin in Alaska where these images were taken.

Elsewhere, the photographer has said about the project:
“It has gradually turned into a minimalist personal project that’s become a reminder to myself that even the simplest things are interesting if you pay attention. I’ve found it to be good way to start each day, an exercise in seeing and visually exploring a single subject and noticing how it gradually changes over time.”

What a nice idea, really.

Mark Meyer 1

Mark Meyer 2

Mark Meyer 3

Mark Meyer 4

Mark Meyer 5

Mark Meyer 6

Via My Modern Metropolis.

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