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Life and Love Painted Beautifully, Emotively by Karen Tarlton

Artist, traveler, and military spouse Karen Tarlton creates paintings of a particularly arresting beauty with a strong, emotional touch. Many of her works follow a couple, their faces hidden from view as they stroll beneath stars and streetlights. Still, the love that these two nameless, faceless companions share is quite evident. Indeed, the very fact that they are unknown individuals lets us imagine that we are walking hand-in-hand with our loved ones, appreciating each beautiful, precious moment of life together. The artist skillfully brings these moments to life with bright colors and a texture brought out by palette knife.

Karen Tarlton 1

Karen Tarlton 2

Karen Tarlton 3

Karen Tarlton 4

Karen Tarlton 5

Karen Tarlton 6

Karen Tarlton 7

Karen Tarlton 8

Via My Modern Metropolis.

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2 thoughts on “Life and Love Painted Beautifully, Emotively by Karen Tarlton

  1. Wonderful…Simply Wonderful. Thank you for sharing such beauty. It adds to life.

  2. These are beautiful paintings.

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