The Rayograph

{Update} The Rayograph Turns 2? Yes, It Just Turned 2!

Did you know that two years ago today The Rayograph, this little creative experiment of mine, was born? I sure as heck didn’t. That is, I’d have completely forgotten that today, April 11th, was our anniversary without having received a little congratulatory reminder from the fine folks at WordPress just now. And isn’t that how it goes these days? Should I wish to send a card or call or what-have-you any friendly acquaintance or relative outside of my immediate family for their birthday or anniversary or what-do-you-call-it, I’d most certainly need a convenient little reminder from Facebook or the nearest calendar. I mean well, but, as we all know, life happens, altering intentions and outcomes along the way. Plus, sometimes my memory sucks.

As far as The Rayograph goes, it’s still going strong after 2 years. And it’ll most likely be here in another 2 years. Yes, things have slowed down a bit, meaning I don’t post quite as often as I used to on account of, well, life stuff. But it’s good life stuff! Anyway, The Rayograph is a bit slower in its older age, but it’s hopefully more well-defined too. And, hopefully, you still get enjoyment, inspiration, and a smile or two from it.

Alright, enough words. Let’s get back to looking at pretty neat things!

Surreally yours,

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2 thoughts on “{Update} The Rayograph Turns 2? Yes, It Just Turned 2!

  1. Joncee Feakes on said:


  2. Alice on said:

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary. I really enjoy your blog.
    Looking forward to another 2 years of great and interesting posts.

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