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Ruben Brulat Photographs His Unique Peregrinations

Just for a moment, imagine a tasteful, lovely series of photographs akin to something like a “Where’s Waldo” of naked people around the world? No, there is no need to close your browser now; only a boss with the sharpest of eyes could spot the tiny nude men and women in these expansive landscape shots taken by young photographer Ruben Brulat. For his “Paths” series, Brulat traveled over land for more than a year throughout uniquely beautiful areas in Mongolia, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Japan, Nepal and more.

Ruben Brulat 1

Ruben Brulat 2

Ruben Brulat 3

Ruben Brulat 4

Ruben Brulat 5

Ruben Brulat 6

Ruben Brulat 7


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One thought on “Ruben Brulat Photographs His Unique Peregrinations

  1. Urban Spree Galerie Berlin presents ‘Sharing Paths‘, a photographic exhibition by French photographer Ruben Brulat (b. 1988). Opening Sept.6th

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