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Studio Act_Romegialli’s Green Box Retreat

Italian studio act_romegialli has taken a vacation home’s former garage and turned it into a garden hideaway. Its glazed paneling, galvanized framing, and remaining stone supporting walls are purposefully covered in shrubbery and flowering plants.

What do you think of the simple, two-room structure? Do you feel that such a greenery canvased structure makes for an inviting, tranquil retreat, or do you think the overgrowth is overwhelming rather than integral to the design?

Photographs were taken by Marcello Mariana.

Marcello Mariana 1

Marcello Mariana 2

Marcello Mariana 3

Marcello Mariana 4

Marcello Mariana 5

Marcello Mariana 6

Via Dezeen.

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3 thoughts on “Studio Act_Romegialli’s Green Box Retreat

  1. I like the concept…but I would need to set at least one window free from the vine’s grip. Also, I would have green things growing inside, not just outside. It’s a wonderful idea, encased in nature…

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