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Inspiring Nature: The Bright, Bold World of Artist Louise McNaught

God-like, a snow-white raven sits perched atop the craters of the Moon, its star-strewn tail feathers hiding the satellite’s secrets. Otherworldly hummingbirds hover, their ever-beating wings flashing gold and silver in the light as they whisper divine secrets to each other. Below, a pair of neon stags tussle, streaks of bright color dripping from their fur like war paint.

It’s fun to think of each painting and drawing skillfully created by London-based contemporary artist Louise McNaught as being a part of a hidden world, a place where colors are always bold and animals rule the neon landscape. In our world, her creations serve as important reminders of the delicate relationship of humanity to nature.

Take a look at a few of the artist’s creations here, and be sure to check out more of her work on her website and blog. You may also follow her work on Facebook and Twitter as well. Much of her work is sold online via Degree Art.

“I Stole the Stars for You (Love and Lunacy)”
Oil, acrylic, and gouache on linen
December 2012
Louise McNaught - I Stole the Stars for You (Love and Lunacy)

Acrylic, spray paint, and metallic paint on canvas
January 2013
Louise McNaught - Highers

“Icon – Fire Fox”
Acrylic, spray paint, and metallic paint on linen
January 2013
Louise McNaught - Icon - Fire Fox

“Free Your Mind”
Spray paint, acrylic, and pencil on linen
Louise McNaught - Free Your Mind

“Wilder Times”
Acrylic on wallpaper
Louise McNaught - Wilder Times

“Stay True”
Oil and acrylic on canvas
December 2012
Louise McNaught - Stay True

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