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Diego Arroyo Takes Us on Another Fantastic, Photographic Journey to Africa

In the past, I’ve written about the work of New York City-based photographer Diego Arroyo, specifically training my little lens on his series documenting his travels through Kenya. If you’re interested, you can view images from those travels and read a brief article I wrote about that series over at Beautiful/Decay.

Once again, art director and photographer Arroyo has delivered a striking set of images that captures a unique part of Africa, although this time his snapshots highlight his recent trip to Ethiopia. I think ‘striking’ is really a fine word to use when describing these images, too. Each captured gaze captivates, drawing us into a world that all at once seems so different from our own but is in fact just another beautiful fragment in this whole big tapestry we call the Earth.

Take a look at a few of Diego Arroyo’s latest photographs here, then be sure to check him out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Diego Arroyo - Ethiopia 1

Diego Arroyo - Ethiopia 2

Diego Arroyo - Ethiopia 3

Diego Arroyo - Ethiopia 4

Diego Arroyo - Ethiopia 5

Diego Arroyo - Ethiopia 6

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