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About the Site:
Rayograph: a picture, usually abstract, produced on a photographic material without the use of a camera, as by placing an object on the material and exposing to light.

The Rayograph seeks to stumble upon magnificence in simplicity. It aspires to make the strange familiar and the familiar equally strange. It hopes to bring a bit of wonder to our wanderings. Ultimately, it is my experiment, an ethnography of the self.

About the Design:
Our header, logo, logotype, and icons were designed and created by Cooper House.

About the Curator:
Megan L. Ramirez has contributed to such art-centric online and print powerhouses as Beautiful/Decay and Feature Shoot. Additionally, she curates The Rayograph, a site she started in April 2011 in order to feature art, design, and architecture which have caught her oft-wandering attention. A published author, she writes speculative fiction short stories and flash fiction whenever inspiration strikes. Creativity gives her hope for the future. She likes watching old Star Trek episodes, reading anything by China Miéville, and adventuring – in fact, she lived and worked in Peru this summer. Once, she toured a medical cadaver lab, and it was awesome. She likes the number 214, for reasons unknown.


11 thoughts on “// About

  1. Steve on said:

    Beautiful on so many levels.

  2. dianne - life as i see it on said:

    wonderful blog, really enjoyed.. 🙂

  3. Hi, I just wanted let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award, the combination of unexpected images is always providing me with inspiration. Thank you. To find out a little more info about the award just follow this link to my blog and then maybe you will feel like passing it on too? (

  4. How’d you feel when you had 214 followers? 😛

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  6. Love the new design. As a dedicated follower….Looking forward to 2013 and another year full of beautiful and interesting posts.

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